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When thinking about clean energy automobiles, the first one that comes to mind is the Tesla. With the Prius being a close second because it uses both fuel and electricity, the Tesla, with its slick design and silent motor takes the main stage for THE electric car of the century. With three current models out right now and one on the way, Tesla is changing the way in which we drive and think about fuel and fuel efficiency. With its design to be the most efficient and still aesthetically pleasing, this car company is bringing competition to big fuel companies. Although it tackles one of the biggest issues associated with automobiles, the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, Teslas may not be the most affordable car on the market at the moment, therefore not appealing to all social classes. Not only is it making an effort to introduce renewable energy into its market, it is expanding into aiding homes and having readily available energy outside households conveniently, storing solar energy in giant batteries.

As a car company that wants the best for their customers, Tesla prides themselves on their safe, all terrain conquering, electric vehicles. To ensure their drivers will get to their destinations effectively without the worry of running out of battery, they ensure their clients on their website that there are over 10,000 charging ports located strategically along well traveled roads[1]. By switching to an all-electric car, one is saving thousands of dollars yearly on fuel. As a company that takes into consideration the wellbeing of customers today and future generations, Tesla makes an effort to provide a highly efficient car that will undoubtedly allow their customers reach heights similar to those experienced-on fossil fuels. Again, with the ability to cut down on fossil fuel cost, electric cars, like the Tesla will allow its consumers to effectively get places without the worry of being stranded on the side of a road.  

With only about 100 years of fossil fuels left, electric cars will soon be what all citizens will be driving in the near future. As oil is used up faster than it can replenish itself, it is our duty to invest in vehicles that will meet the social and economic needs of the present and the future without exceeding planetary boundaries. Tesla is on its way of doing so, by using resources that maximizes renewal, encourages re-use, and minimizes waste. The main source right now that Tesla is investing in is solar power, which can be used at home by the installation of solar panels directly onto the roof of homes[2]. This way, you can charge your vehicle at home without needing to go to a charging port.

By expanding its company into renewable resources, they are investing and developing methods to incorporate solar power into the daily lives of their customers. As part of buying a Tesla, one can opt to install solar panels on their house and an outlet to allow the power collected from their house to fuel their cars daily[3]. With their innovated design, they blend into the roof tops with a sleek and seamless design. Along with solar panels, they also install their own brand of generators called Powerwall, which allows a home to produce energy during power outages[4].

On the other hand, when Tesla first came out with its design, it targeted white-collared folks who could afford the product, not taking into consideration blue-collared and others. There are three different models: Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The prices on these vehicles can range from 32,000-72,000. With its popularity growing, Tesla is trying to reach a greater public, by making the vehicle more affordable to all. At around 65,000 to 72,000, the first two models that came out, the S and the X were catered towards a high end consumer basis. With nicer and better features, they are priced high containing the most advanced gadgets on the market. The newest model and lower on the market starting at 32,000 is the Model 3 that although just as technologically advanced, it is a smaller version of the Model S. This allows the average consumer to invest in a car that will be beneficial not only now but, in the future, as well.

This might seem very enticing for most consumers, but how feasible is it? Tesla is continuously innovating its brand and becoming more popular. As the market on renewable energy continues to grow, the prices on Teslas will most likely decrease in order to be more readily available to a greater public. Along with some great technological advances and developments, Tesla will continue to grow in today’s market and into the future.


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